Multi Floral Indiluv Honey (250gm)


Product Description

Every Bottle contains 250gm of Multifloral Organic & Wild Honey.

  • 100% Organic & Natural.
  • No Additives.
  • Nectar Collected from Fringe Areas of Wild.
  • Pesticide & Antibiotic Free.
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Vision: At Indiluv, our vison is to achieve Sustainable Coexistence of Human & Wildlife at fringe areas of wild.
Mission: We want to achieve our vision by addressing following two aspects

a) Securing Livelihood to ensure Harmony: Through Community Beekeeping & waste to wow practices, we create secure income sources for the communities in fringe areas, thus reducing encroachment of wild areas.
b) Bio Mitigation of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: We also construct wired beehive fences, where bee acts as a deterrent to keep crop-raiding elephants away from human settlements, protecting crops & shelter of our communities.




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