Lemon Pickle (380gm)


Lemon Pickle is loaded with lots of vitamins and iron. It is made with lemon to flush out all the bad toxins from the body. In addition to this, provided pickle promotes hydration, improves skin texture, and good for poor digestion. This pickle is high in anti-oxidant properties and burns body fat. Lemon Pickle is also beneficial to lower down the blood sugar level and considered good probiotic food.

Net Weight: 380gm

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KUHI or a “BUD” is a Promise! A promise of nature for something new, something good, something that holds so much significance to life. With this inspiration from mother nature and keeping our idea true to its core, KUHI is an initiative by our family to share the goodness of MOTHER nature’s freshness as a delicacy on your plate. We collect the best of the season’s vegetables grown in an organic manner on the fertile soils of an upper Assam village and process them hygienically into one or the other delicacy. You will feel a mother’s caring touch with every pack of KUHI.


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