Apple Design U-Bag


Apple Design Bag crafted with Kouna Craft.
Utility Bag
Suitable for Gifting.

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Eco-friendly Handcrafted items made from Kauna grass (water reed grass). Kauna is the local name for a reed or rush belonging to the family Cyperaceae which is cultivated in the wetlands of the Imphal valley. Kouna reed is a perennial grass-like plant that grows all around the world at different temperatures and can grow as tall as 10 feet in shallow water or on marshy land. The raw material for the craft is obtained by simple processing wherein the reed is cut near the base of the plant and dried in the sun. It is also smoked if it is to be preserved and stored for a longer time. Artisans cut the Kauna Reed when the plant grows to about 3-4 feet and the sun dries the reed. They moisten the reed again to increase flexibility during hand weaving of Bags & Baskets.


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