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This soap has a high Vitamin C content and with a combination of fresh tamarind, tomato, and potato puree. It will help reduce dark spots by lightening the skin and its high antioxidant content may also help reduce fine lines. The combination of ingredients in this soap will also help people with acne-prone skin. It may also reduce open pores.

Please note some skin types can be sensitive to Vitamin C so if peeling occurs, it is not unnatural, just make sure you leave a few days gap when using this soap.

Normal to Oily Skin
Anti-aging. Acne-Prone Skin
Combination Skin

Weight: 70g.
Dimensions: Height: 6cm, Width: 5cm, Breadth: 2.5cm

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The Angry Mother Soap Co.

All natural handmade bath and body product which is manufactured in Nagaland by Akitoli. If you have been longing for Forest Essentials and Lush products Angry Mother Soap is the one and perhaps you should thank her for handcrafting such wonderful eco-conscious and skin-friendly soaps filled with the goodness of nature.


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