Fancy Bag (Pack of 3)


Eco-friendly Handcrafted items made from Kauna grass (water reed grass).
Pack of 3
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Eco-friendly Handcrafted items made from Kauna grass (water reed grass). Kauna is the local name for a reed or rush belonging to the family Cyperaceae which is cultivated in the wetlands of the Imphal valley. It has a cylindrical, soft and spongy stem which is woven into mats, square and rectangular cushions and mattresses by the women of the Meitei community of Manipur. The raw material for the craft is obtained by simple processing wherein the reed is cut near the base of the plant and dried in the sun. It is also smoked if it is to be preserved and stored for a longer time. The mats are woven by interlacing the stalks with jute threads using basic and simple tools.


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