Nadia Ginger Powder


Thanks to the high gingerol content, Nadia ginger has an intense aroma. This less fibrous ginger grows well in the rain fed fertile soil of India’s Northeast. Gingerol is to Ginger what Curcumin is to Turmeric. And given the high gingerol content in Nadia ginger, it is amongst the most sought-after varieties of ginger. Gingerol amplifies not just the aroma but also the healing properties of ginger.

From the ancient Ayurveda textbooks to modern day medical journals, the benefits of ginger find mention through the ages. So, if you consume ginger to benefit from all its medicinal properties, why not try one of the most potent of gingers? Sourced from tribal farmers across Northeast India, our Nadia ginger is organically grown, chemical-free and minimally processed.


-Treats morning sickness/nausea

-Treats common cold

-Controls blood sugar level

-Eliminates nausea during and after chemotherapy treatments

-Burns fat Improves Metabolism

-Helps reduce menstrual pain

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