Shampoo Bar


This 100% natural shampoo bar works the same as liquid shampoo without any use of chemicals or artificial enhancers. Plus, its solid form means no plastic waste! Since it contains no chemicals it will not strip the hair dye from your hair.

Our shampoo bar is great for people with normal to oily hair, although it is safe for people with dry hair too. It helps control dandruff, itchiness and hair fall. Its Rhassoul clay helps volumize hair for those with thinning hair. Can use your regular conditioner after shampooing.
Weight: 70g.
Dimensions: Height: 6cm, Width: 5cm, Breadth: 2.5cm

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The Angry Mother Soap Co.

All natural handmade bath and body product which is manufactured in Nagaland by Akitoli. If you have been longing for Forest Essentials and Lush products Angry Mother Soap is the one and perhaps you should thank her for handcrafting such wonderful eco-conscious and skin-friendly soaps filled with the goodness of nature.


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