Turmeric Dyed Eri Silk Fabric


These Products are Handmade using best quality raw materials with fair pay to the weavers from Assam. The composition of all our Fabrics are 100% Eri Silk and organically dyed from 100% vegetable dyes. The dye is created from 100% turmeric to produce a beautiful and vibrant yellow colour.


  • Mill Spun * Hand Spun  → 5 (L) x 0.99 (W) (or) 8.5 (L) x 0.99 (W) (or) 12.5 (L) x 0.99 (W)       
  • Hand Spun * Hand Spun → 5 (L) x 1 (W) (or) 8.5 (L) x 1 (W) (or) 12.5 (L) x 1 (W)      

The Fabric has fibres popping out slightly which is due to the variations in the thickness of the yarn during spinning and twisting. However, you can expect the Mill Spun * Hand Spun fabric to be slightly smoother and softer in comparison to the other one.

Since the Fabric is handwoven, minor imperfections can always be expected, which is a trademark of the fabric being handwoven. However in both the cases, the fabric will get softer, durable and the dyes will get lighter over time. 

Our Fabric is suitable for apparels, stoles, shawls, curtains, table covers, sofa covers and can also be used for other various applications as per the need of the customer.

For Hand Spun*Hand Spun, you may expect a delay in the delivery time depending upon the pace of manufacturing as well as material availability. 

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About Eri Silk

Eri silk is a naturally occurring protein fibre secreted by the caterpillar Samia Ricini which feeds on the Eri or castor plants found abundantly in the North-Eastern region of India. After the adult moth leaves the cocoon, the empty Eri cocoons undergo further processing to be converted to Yarn either through the manual (hand-spun) or mechanized (mill spun) process and is further woven into fabric in a handloom. 

The woven fabric is dense, strong and durable and coarseness depends on the yarn. The fabric is breathable, odorless, isothermal, good UV Protection, anti-fungal/ anti-bacterial with the low carbon footprint. 

Our fabrics are naturally dyed with alum as mordant. No other chemicals/ pesticides/ synthetics are used during the entire process.

Our entire enterprise is social and community driven. 

Eri silk has been termed to be one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

Care Instructions:

  1. Dry Clean (or) Hand Wash Separately with Cold Water
  2. Do not use Hard Water.
  3. Use Natural and Neutral Detergents (e.g. Soapnut Powder)
  4. Do not soak 
  5. Dry under shade
  6. Natural Colours may bleed.
Spun Type

Hand Spun * Hand Spun, Mill Spun * Hand Spun


12.5 Meter, 5 Meter, 8.5 Meter




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